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Haggs linked with Denny Old is now a vacant charge

and is able to call a minister without restriction.

Details on the Vacancy and Parish Profile
can be accessed on the Vacancy page


Locum Minister is Rev. Sandra Mathers
Sandra can be contacted on
01324 872253


Mr David Nicholson is the Interim Moderator
David can be contacted on
01236 732260



May 2017

Saturday 6th May - 1st Haggs Boys Brigade Annual Inspection and Display at Bankier Primary School
at 7.pm. Everyone is welcome.

Sunday 7th May – BB Closing Service Haggs - 11.15 am - which will include the Sunday Club.

Monday 8th May - Board Meeting 7.00 pm followed by Session Meeting 8.00 pm both in MacLean Hall

Sunday 14th May - Service Haggs - 11.15 am - which will include the Sunday Club
Followed by Christian Aid Week Soup & sandwich lunch.

Christian Aid Week is from 14th to 20th May
we are looking for collectors to help with the door to door collection.
The Christian Aid working group has decided to concentrate our fund raising to the Kelpie Canter sponsored walk on 30th September.

Sunday 21st May - Service Haggs - 11.15 am - which will include the Sunday Club.

Sunday 28th May - Service Haggs - 11.15 am - which will include the Sunday Club.

Tuesday 30th May -  The Girls Brigade Parents Night and Display - 6.30 pm - In Church Hall.
 An invitation is extend to the congregation (Teas & coffee will be served).


Christian Aid

Christian Aid Week is from 14th – 20th May and we are looking for collectors to help with the door to door collection.
The Christian Aid working group have decided to concentrate our fund rising to the Kelpie Canter sponsored walk on 30th September.
However if anyone wants to walk on the Bridge Walk again this year, on 22nd April, then Sue Storrar has sponsor forms.

Thanks for your continuing support.

Knitting for HIV affected babies

Thank you to everyone who has responded so positively to our knitting project for babies in Africa affected by the HIV virus.

Thanks Sue Storrar.


Teas and Coffees served in Church Hall after morning service



Murray McCheyne and Sue Storrar continue to share the role of Session Clerk, both acting as Clerk Pro-tem. This situation works well with duties shared between the two clerks.

We thank Brian Richmond and Jack Dunn for continuing to share the role Clerk to the Congregational Board. Thanks to Marion Campbell for her continuing diligent work as our treasurer.

Colin Meek has relinquished the role of property convener and we thank him for his continued diligent and practical work in looking after our church buildings. Jack Dunn is presently fulfilling the property convener role on a pro tem basis.

Three organists from Denny Old congregation provide our church music on a rota basis and we thank them for their continued support Sunday by Sunday and at other special services.

Our roll of church members at the 31st December 2016 was 227 with 76 on the supplementary roll. During 2016 five members received a certificate of transfer on leaving the area, eight members died and two were added to the supplementary roll. No new members were added to our roll in the past year. The Kirk Session comprising 25 elders presently led by our Interim Moderator, Mr David Nicholson and supported by our Locum Minister Rev. Sandra Mathers continues to plan and direct church life.

In our ongoing vacancy situation our Interim Moderator chairs our Kirk Session and Congregational Board meetings and guides us through procedural matters relating to our linkage with Denny Old Parish church. Rev. Sandra Mathers leads our worship with our service time this year at 11.15 a.m. and also caters for pastoral needs in the community.

Our linkage with Denny Old has developed over the past year through joint services. An invitation to Denny Old Seniors Christmas lunch was greatly appreciated and a number Haggs folk enjoyed an afternoon of fine fare and entertainment.

A joint team from Denny Old and Haggs has been working together to find a new manse for our linked charge and, after looking at a number of possibilities, arrangements have  been made to purchase a 5 bedroom detached house in Singers Place, Dennyloanhead.

Both the existing Denny Old and Haggs manses have now been sold so we are able to purchase the new manse without the need for a mortgage or bridging loan.

As our Nominating Committee actively seeks a minster for our linked charge the life of our church continues. We thank everyone who supports our church at Haggs and also contribute to our outreach projects including Christian Aid, Vine Trust, Church of Scotland HIV project, Food Bank and many other worthy good causes.

As ever, we must all rise to the challenges that come before us in our journey of faith for our linked churches of Denny Old and Haggs.

Murray McCheyne and Sue Storrar (Session Clerks, pro-tem)




Charitable Donations

As a congregation we donated to the following charities during 2016:


Collections for Third Parties




Vine Trust




Christian Aid

Door Collection & Bridge Walk £2078




Poppy Scotland




Bible Scotland




Falkirk Food Bank

And Food








MacMillan Cancer Care




Strathcarron Hospice




Build a House




Blythswood Care

Shoe Boxes