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Welcome to the Haggs Parish Church of Scotland Website

Haggs Church is now linked with Denny Old Church

The Scottish Government indicated that places of worship could be opened from 15th July. In accordance with advice from the headquarters of the Church of Scotland, and to ensure compliance with current regulations and so make our church safe for everyone, considerable work has to be done before Haggs Parish Church will be able to re-open.

Plans for safe distancing during services and procedures for cleansing of the church require to be developed, formally approved and be ready to implement prior to church re-opening. This will take some time and, it is with regret, that our church has to remain closed for the time being.

Murray McCheyne, Session Clerk
10th July 2020

A weekly message from our minister can be accessed from the Ministers Page or from the following link.
A facebook account is required to access.



A YouTube channel to store all the videos has been created to make access easier for those who do not have facebook.
The new link below will take you directly to the channel where all the videos will be visible as they become available.


Raheel will also  be delivering a video message on his Facebook page at  11.30 am on a Sunday


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Scottish Charity No. SC014536

CCL No. 309652

Vision Statement

Haggs Parish Church was founded in 1840 to share the witness of God’s love.
We the present day people of Haggs, seek to show that love by serving Christ In our church and community, with whole hearted commitment.

Along with Denny Old we acknowledge the worth of individuals and encourage the development of their talents, while maintaining a unity of purpose In our service to God.

We recognize the need for mission and outreach within our Parish and plan to create greater community awareness of what our church has to offer.

All our aims are based on a sure belief in the character and teaching of Christ and, with God’s help, this vision can be fulfilled as we go forward in faith.