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Haggs Parish Church History

Haggs Parish Church lies at the western end of Falkirk Presbytery, its Parish boundary linking with that of Glasgow Presbytery. Its Deed of Constitution of 1840 authorised  William Forbes of Callander and the Rev. John Dempster, Minister of Denny to establish a church in Haggs.

The result of this constitution was that in 1841 the Rev. Colin McCulloch was appointed Minister of Haggs, which functioned as a Chapel of Ease, attached to the Parish of Denny. In 1875 the Act of Disjunction altered this situation and Haggs became a fully independent Parish, severaing the attachment to Denny. Since Colin McCulloch in 1841 we have had nineteen ministers, including Helen Christie, our first woman minister, who joined us on the 9th December 1998.

The revenue for the five years 1870-74 averaged out as follows: Seat Rent £48.90 per annum; Door Collection £36.90 per annum - a total of £85.75 per annum. A year later Mr John Paul, a builder from Denny, surveyed the Church and manse and valued the property at £1972. He further stated that an outlay of £4.50 per annum would maintain the fabric in good condition.

Moving into the 1900's we learn of the minister reporting to the Session his meeting with the local Electricity Company concerning the supply of electricity to the Church. A quote for £48.00 for installing lighting "inclusive of globes, shades and two radiators" was accepted from a Glasgow firm, a local contractor who quoted £73.00 being unsuccessful.

In 1945 the subject of women being eligible for Eldership was first raised - unsuccessfully. It was to be a further 33 years before our first lady elders were ordained.

During the period 1978 to 1991 we were linked to our sister charge at Dennyloanhead, a period during which the minister had to share his time between two congregations, two Kirk Sessions and two Congregational boards. In 1991 the link was dissolved and we were allowed to call our own minister  to Haggs Parish Church as an independent congregation. Dennyloanhead Church has since closed.

 The Haggs Parish Church of today is a vibrant and active community of faith. We still use the original buildings and the maintenance costs are a bit more than Mr Paul's £4.50 per annum.

The Parish covers an area of approximately six square miles serving a population of roughly five thousand five hundred in the Communities of Coneypark, Banknock, Haggs, Longcroft, Dennyloanhead, Allandale and Head of Muir.

We have regular services of worship and a number of youth and adult organisations. The finances of the Church are looked after by the Congregational Board while the spiritual wellbeing of our members is taken care of by the Minister and Kirk Session.

Services are held at 11:15am at Haggs.

A warm welcome is extended to all who enter our buildings and we encourage everyone to come along and share our services and join our organisations.

Haggs church is alive and well and we look forward to welcoming you.

Short History:- Compiled by Jack Dunn


The latest History can be downloaded below (in pdf format)
(Haggs Parish Church - 175 Anniversary Programme - 1840 to 2015 -History 1840 to 2020)