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Haggs Parish Church is a Vacant Charge


Locum Minister is the Rev. Sandra Mathers

Sandra can be contacted on

01324 872253


“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place” Jesus said “and get some rest.”

Summer has arrived in all its glory – isn’t it wonderful to see our gardens and park areas ablaze with colour and the abundance that summer brings.  We’ve enjoyed some lovely weather – thankfully not the extremely high temperatures they’ve been getting down south – but hopefully we’ll go on to enjoy a lot more real summer weather.

Summer of course means that for many their thoughts turn to holidays and for some that means jetting off to the continent or perhaps more exotic destinations, all with the hope of getting some very necessary rest and relaxation in places where it’s expected that plenty of sunshine and warmth will be the order of the day – every day.  My husband and I are off on holiday next week for a few days at Bournemouth, and we’re looking forward to that, even though the forecast is …. Rain! 

We all need rest and relaxation – our minds and bodies demand it.  Young people can keep going at full tilt burning the candle at both ends but even for them there comes that point when the body says “Whoa – stop – slow down.”

I read a story recently which made me smile – it’s about an ant and a grasshopper.  Apparently to encourage the children in her class to always work hard a teacher explained to them that during the summertime the grasshopper just played and played and never stored anything up for the wintertime, whereas the ant worked diligently day and night.  When the winter came the ant had enough to eat and he survived the winter but in contrast, the grasshopper died as soon as winter came.  Nine times out of ten this encouraged the youngsters to work hard throughout the school year, that is until the day one of them, on hearing the story, put up his hand and said “But isn’t it true that the ant also died, and he died without having lived at all.”

We have the saying that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and it seems that Jesus agreed with that saying and with the youngster who questioned the teacher’s logic, because in Mark’s Gospel (chapter 6:30ff) we learn that Jesus and His disciples were rushed off their feet by the never ending demands of the crowds of people who constantly surrounded Jesus, so much so that they didn’t even have time to eat.  To make matters worse the disciples had just returned from a preaching and healing mission which although it had been exhilarating for them, it had also taken its physical and mental toll.  Jesus was not unmindful of that and we find Him saying to them in verse 31 – “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Isn’t it good to know that Jesus is not just interested in our spiritual health – although of course He’s very interested in that – He’s also concerned about our whole person, our physical, mental and emotional needs as well.  He knows that there comes the time when we have to recharge the batteries, get some rest to enable us to cope with the demands of everyday life as well as our service for Him.

I trust that each and every one of you will enjoy the summer, take a break from the everyday routine and do something different, however small and simple that may be.  For all who are going off on holiday whether to Rothesay or Rimini, Malta or Morecambe, Honolulu or that perennial favourite – Hame’ldaeme, I wish you a relaxing, restful and rewarding summer and look forward to hearing about your exploits on your return.

Sandra Mathers

Blessings to all of you
Sandra Mathers (Rev)
Locum Minister

Mr David Nicholson is the Interim Moderator

David can be contacted on 

01236 732260 or 



During the past few weeks I have been reading the book of Jonah and reflecting on him. 

It seems that Jonah was a great servant of God and a prophet and was doing well ministering to his people. However God clearly wanted Jonah somewhere different and so he calls Jonah to go to a new place and a new country where he wasn’t known and they probably spoke a different language. Jonah’s reluctance to go to Nineveh is understandable since the people had turned away from God and there is no doubt it was a seriously scary place to be.

Sometimes God calls us to be in a place where if we are not afraid we can be a little reluctant to be there but God never fails to assure us of his companionship as he journeys with us where ever he calls us to be.

As we are approaching “summer” and things are supposed to get a little quieter I hope and pray that you will have time to stop and reflect and allow the Holy Spirit to recharge your batteries for the coming season.

Best wishes to you all

David Nicholson DCS
Interim Moderator