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Haggs Parish Church is a Vacant Charge


Locum Minister is the Rev. Sandra Mathers

Sandra can be contacted on

01324 872253


Dear Friends

Yesterday I had noted that the honeysuckle in the back garden had large buds on it and other plants were showing signs of bursting forth – it seemed spring was in the air.  Today, everything is covered in a blanket of snow and suddenly spring seems like a dream.  Yet how good it is to know that today’s snow is just a temporary setback – spring IS just around the corner, and out of the seeming never ending dullness and rawness of winter, new life is even now springing forth.

In a week’s time we begin the season of Lent – that time that draws us inexorably to the rawness of grief that is Good Friday yet leads us still forward to the joy and light of Easter. 

As a congregation we look forward not just to Easter but to all the newness that God has for us in the future.  Your Nomination Committee has been busy and I have no doubt that God in His infinite wisdom will, in His perfect time and way, bring to you the person of His choice as your new minister.   In the meantime it is the duty and the privilege of each member of both congregations to be constant in prayer for the Nomination Committee, that they may have hearts and minds ever open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, thus allowing them to be guided to that person who will lead you in God’s name and strength, into the next phase of your worship and service for Him.

May God bless you and enable you to be faithful in all He calls you to both now and in the future.

Blessings to all of you
Sandra Mathers (Rev)
Locum Minister



Mr David Nicholson is the Interim Moderator

David can be contacted on 

01236 732260 or 



Since our last stated Annual Meeting I am pleased to report that I have continued to be impressed how well the two congregations are working together and for the Kingdom of God.

Kirk Sessions and congregational board meetings have been a joy to chair in both congregations.

During the course of the year I have had the privilege of conducting worship on a number of occasions at Haggs and pleased to note that my relationship with Haggs congregation builds each time I do this.

I was particularly pleased last December when a number of Haggs congregation accepted the invitation from Denny Old congregation to join them for the pensioner’s lunch.  This was a very exciting day and as well as the food being good so was the fellowship.

As your interim moderator I am looking forward to a continued strengthening of our friendship and relationship and working for the Kingdom of God.

Best wishes to you all

David Nicholson DCS
Interim Moderator