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Sunday Club

sunday club


A note from the Sunday Club

The attendance remains at seven young people each week with another three or four visiting occasionally.

The story of Zacchaeus was the theme for two weeks in March.

Gifts for Mother’s day were completed to be handed out after the service.

Palm Sunday we used our own prayers about using our hands to work and play and to thank God afterwards.

Easter Day we rolled our boiled decorated eggs down the grass at the side of the church. Yellow crosses were handed out to members of the congregation.

We had 13 young people that day.

We look forward to spring, when we will plant flowers and seeds and watch them grow.

Advance notice. We are having an outing to the Safari Park, on Saturday 17th June.

The prize giving will be on the 25th June.

Thanks once again to our helpers, Session and Minister and to the congregation for their support.

Remember that over the summer holidays you are welcome to church. There are books and puzzles just for you.

Moira Martin


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New Banner (Winter)


winter banner


The Winter Banner was completed and given to the Church at the Christmas Gift Day Service

This is the fourth Banner made by the young people of our church and now hang in the MacLean Hall

The other three banners are shown below

'O what can little hands do to please the King of Heaven'

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spring banner summer banner Autumn Banner

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