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Tuesday Evenings


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Tuesday Evenings


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 6.30pm to 7.45pm

1st Haggs Girls Brigade

We have settled well into this session, and the company is in good spirits with numbers around 14 split 7 explorers and 7 juniors. We give our thanks to Chloe Currie as she helped out as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Awards work, and left us after Christmas.  We have a lot of new faces as well, and we launched our G Bees campaign.  We have all settled well into the company with me Shona Laird as Captain and Shirley-Anne Hobbs & Alan Hobbs as lieutenants.  If you want any more information or would like to join us in a more active role with the GB’s please contact Shona on 1sthaggsgirlsbrigade@gmail.com

Explorers have been learning about celebration, St Andrews Day, Christmas, St Valentine’s day to names a few, the girls incorporated bible readings and art & crafts whilst covering the topics.  It is very clear the explorers love the games the best and we have introduced games that were played in years gone by, as well as new games we have all had to learn.

Juniors have been learning some Mindfulness which involve the girls’ learning to take a break from the hectic life around them.  There has been fun with Lego, building using their imaginations and learning about listening skills as well.  We have also been talking about the Parable of lost sheep and the lessons that can be learned.  A big thank you to all the girls and parents for their continued support.

As my first year as Captain I thank everyone for their continued support and look forward to our GB’s continuing to flourish in the future. We will end our year in May ’18.       

Shona Laird (Captain)