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Christian Aid


Christian Aid 2019

Christian Aid works with some of the world’s most vulnerable communities in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean as well as responding to emergencies and natural disasters all over the world.

They carry out ground-breaking work in key area, such as gender, health and resilience, to support people in poor communities to improve their lives.

Christian Aid has programmes operating in 37 countries, working with 475 local, national and international partners.

Christian Aid week 2019 runs from 12th-19th May – with the focus on supporting mothers in Sierra Leone who lack basic maternity care and inadequate health care due to escalating government debts following the Ebola crisis.

Haggs Parish Church plans to collect donations again this year and your continued support is needed please. Last year we sent a total of £2,520.00 to Christian Aid and we would like to continue the strong commitment to this outreach work undertaken in the Lord’s name. Every year it becomes increasingly difficult to get collectors involved in the door-to-door collection, so maybe this year we will need to think of another fund raising event. If anyone has any fund raising ideas then please let us know.

There will be a ‘Soup & Sandwich’ lunch on Sunday 19th May and the ‘Kelpies Canter’ sponsored walk will be on 31st August.

If you can help in any way then please talk to Sue Storrar or Jean McCheyne.